DenCrown ApS was founded in 2010 by Winnie Nielsen (MA), plastics engineer Jens Buchholtz, and design and mechanical engineer Keld Albert Nielsen.

DenCrown develops and produces products for dentists with the goal of improving dental treatment through optimization of the work flow in a dental practice. DenCrown equipment improves the precision and safety of dental treatments and in addition provides a safer experience and a more esthetic result for the patient.

Our products are developed by Keld Albert Nielsen in collaboration with dentists and with researchers at the Technical University of Denmark.

Keld and Jens have 30+ years of experience working as engineers in Denmark and elsewhere, and they have been CEOs of their own companies. They have extensive knowledge of product materials and constitute your assurance that DenCrown products reflect the highest standards and best quality in the dental industry.

DenCrown products are offered at reasonable prices to enable dentists and their patients all over the world to benefit from the latest dental treatment innovations.

Additional information about our products and the accompanying user instructions are available here

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